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The Female Libido Becomes Unleashed
October 12, 2005
by Carey Roberts

The femmes fatales, those sexually-irresistible Delilahs of lore, are staging a comeback. And this time with a vixen-like vengeance.

Remember Mata Hari, the curvaceous exotic dancer who was accused of spying for the Germans in World War I? And of course there was Mae West, who once boasted of her controversial screen-writing career, "Women became more sex-conscious -- sex was out in the open and fun."

For many years, the female sexual instinct was driven underground by feminist sensibilities. After all, why would a career-minded woman ever want to become entangled in a romantic interlude that might end up with her becoming a stay-at-home mom?

Now female sexuality is back, but this time with a whole new twist: it's women who are doing the objectifying. Consider the ever-popular Vagina Monologues, where the playwright, actresses, and most audience members are female.

In her new book Female Chauvinist Pigs, Ariel Levy explores the current storm-surge of female sexual liberation. The concern is no longer A-cup teeny-boppers sporting thong underwear with the Playboy logo. The problem is the growing sexual aggressiveness of women, like the girl from Oakland who bragged to Levy, "To dress the skankiest, that would be the one way we all compete. Since seventh grade, the skankier, the smaller, the more cleavage, the better."

The concern goes beyond pubescent cleavage. There's a perverse side to free love that can be summed up in three words: pornography, rape, and prostitution.

Pornography is now being touted as the next rampart to be stormed in the crusade for women's liberation. "Unapologetic nudity has too long denoted impurity," explains North Carolina co-ed Sara Boatright, "So the final feminist frontier could be the reclamation of our own territory."

Women now represent 30% of all online porn visitors. And growing numbers of women are clamoring to get in on the action - witness SuicideGirls.com, where any woman can step in front of the camera and become the Porn Queen-for-a-Day.

Gloria Steinem once warned, "Pornography is the instruction. Rape is the practice." That admonition may explain why a growing number of female school teachers are preying on their male teenage charges.

Scarcely a month passes without hearing of yet another assault. Last month it was Margaret De Barraicua who pleaded guilty to four counts of unlawful sex with a 16-year-old male student in Sacramento. In August it was Beth Geisel, a writing teacher in Albany and mother of four, arrested for allegedly raping a teenaged boy in May.

Earlier this year Debra Lafave of Florida, Angela Stellwag of New Jersey, and Kathy White and Pamela Turner, both of Tennessee - were arrested for seducing and deflowing teenage boys. One can only hope these predators are put away for a good long time.

As disturbing as these incidents are, what troubles me most is the mainstreaming of prostitution. Take Jenna Jameson's steamy memoir, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, which informs us that a hooker "can actually become a role model for women." Apparently a lot of folks liked what they read, because the book stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for six weeks last year.

If you still don't believe that the ersatz allure of prostitution isn't undermining the moral basis of our culture, check out the July issue of the women's magazine Marie Claire. There you'll see an article which describes how Dutch sex workers are "using their bodies to foster trust, compassion, and happiness in the world."

Am I the only one feeling sick right now?

When the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917, one of their first actions was to replace the institution of marriage with the ideology of sexual license. As Soviet prosecutor Krilenko explained, "Free love is the ultimate aim of a socialist state."

The League of Communist Youth organized "Down with Innocence" circles to promote sexual experimentation. Men began to exchange wives with the same zeal they displayed in the consumption of vodka. Newly-emancipated women pursued liaisons with wealthy men, with the aim of becoming pregnant and then suing the men for alimony.

Eventually families disintegrated altogether, leaving thousands of homeless foundlings roaming the countryside in a desperate search for food and comfort.

All that was considered progress.

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