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After the Facts, Domestic Violence Laws Still Discriminate Against Men
July 20, 2005
by Ray Blumhorst

Last night in Hollywood, CA, I attended the screening of a movie about domestic violence entitled, Before the Fact. To understand the writer's subjective use of those words you'll really need to see the movie. It was the second time I had screened the movie and I believe I appreciated the concluding remarks of the films Writer/Director/Co-Star, Michael Holland more on second viewing, than I did on first viewing. Maybe that's because his comments and ideas had time to soak in. After the movie, the audience participated in a question and answer period with Mr. Holland. As I mentioned to Mr. Holland last night, trying to call attention in any way to any contributing acts a woman might commit to incite or inflame a "situation" is considered by the official domestic violence industry as "blaming the victim." Such "blaming" is thereby considered by them to be "invalid." Ironically, hypocritically, bigotedly, those same people are not shy to stereotype and falsely impugn men, saying it is men as a group who are "prone" to commit 95% of domestic violence. Most objectively researched studies say 50-50 is a lot more honest and some sources even say women commit the majority of domestic violence.

Here is the official website of the Los Angeles Committee on Assaults Against Women (LACAAW). On their web page it says, "LACAAW is a non-profit, multi-cultural, feminist, community-based volunteer organization." If you go to the first link and scroll down to the 6th picture, I think you will see that it underscores in some ways (as some of the other pictures do), the irresponsibility women are "officially" taught by feminists in accounting for their own behavior. To see an organization, that accepts taxpayer monies1, behave in such an "irresponsible" way is disconcerting to me.

A friend and I once attended a domestic violence conference in Long Beach where a poster very similar to #6 was prominently displayed. The poster read, "Just because you got me drunk is not an excuse to rape me." My friend proceeded to relate to me a conversation he once had with a very famous, Los Angeles, feminist attorney, when they had occasion to discuss the culpability of a man accused of rape in such a situation. It is clear from feminist laws that a man is in very big trouble if a couple goes out drinking, has sex, then a week later the woman files rape charges after she's had time to regret her indiscretion. My friend made the comment, "and if a woman goes out with a friend, decides to have a few drinks with a friend (male or female), then chooses (in an impaired capacity) to drive home, but gets in a wreck and her friend is killed, does the law hold her accountable?" According to my friend, the famous "femi-lawyer" would not, or could not, answer that question.

Apparently, more and more women are learning, that accusing a man of a crime is a profitable business if the story can be fabricated well enough. After all, it is men who our courts must make to account for the public's perceived violence against women. After the criminal phase, the civil trial allows the accusing female an opportunity to have that really big payday, i.e. Kobe Bryant's alleged case of rape.

Over 90 men on this web site had their convictions involving rape overturned after DNA evidence proved they were not the people linked to the DNA evidence. How many more men rot in jail who actually had relations with lying accusers so DNA evidence is irrelevant?

Lastly, how many men have had their lives destroyed by false allegations of domestic violence, or are still suffering in their relationships with no recourse, no help, and no way out? There are virtually no services for men, but billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent setting up "women's industries" services under the discriminatory Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Women are not accountable for their violence or their false accusations in any way comparable to the way that men are held responsible for their perceived violence against women.

Thanks to feminist laws and mandated training of prosecutors, judges, police officers, etc., where feminist ideologues do the training, female violence is often excused and rewarded, while male violence is often fabricated or exaggerated, greatly distorting the true picture of what is really going on. Often men who are battered by an intimate female partner are battered again by the systematic bias inherent in our domestic violence laws. Indeed, given the bias against men that presently exists in that system, for battered men their batterings never end. For male victims, each new vilification by gender feminists, portraying domestic violence as a "male problem" is a revictimization, and a tearing open of the wounds suffered at the hands of an unjust, uncaring system.

I am impressed by the courage of this young filmmaker to try to present a more balanced understanding of all the issues involved in domestic violence. Although a small effort, considering the magnitude of the problem, a number of self-proclaimed feminists in the audience last night gave their opinion (in a Q & A session after the movie), that they thought the film was biased against women. I conveyed my opinion to Michael's producer that the domestic violence system is like a balance scale that has been loaded down so heavily on one side with gender feminist distortion and untruth, that it will take considerable effort to return it to a fair and equally balanced condition. I further conveyed, I thought it was the height of irony, that upon the slightest effort to restore a gender inclusive balance to our overall understanding of domestic violence, it should be perceived by gender feminists as biased against women.

Before the Fact is set to have its premier at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood (655 Van Ness) on August 17th at 7:00 P.M.


1. LACAAW History - "Non-profit status brought state and private contributions,"

Ray Blumhorst is member of the National Coalition of Free Men. He is retired, after working almost 31 years in California public schools. In addition to his day job, he worked for 8 years as a part time teacher in California public schools in the evenings. Ray is a Vietnam Vet. Ray is also a victim of domestic violence and a victim of the anti-male prejudice of America's domestic violence laws.

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