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Senator Biden's Biggest Lie
June 29, 2005
by Carey Roberts

Ol' Joe Biden has been waiting 17 long years, hoping the American public would forget.

Back in 1988 Mr. Biden was running against Michael Dukakis for the Democratic presidential nomination. But then it came to light that Mr. Biden was lifting lines from the speeches of Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and others.

Where I come from, folks call that plagiarism. That, along with other previous peccadilloes, drove Biden from the nomination race.

Time erases all bad memories, as they say, and now Mr. Biden is letting on that he wants to join the 2008 presidential race.

But Mr. Biden has another stain on his ethical resumé. This fib is far worse because it has the potential to rend the very foundations of the social order. For the last 15 years, Biden has been saying that women, and only women, can suffer from domestic violence.

Try telling that to the three young children of Clayton Carter, who watched in horror as he was run over by his wife with their Ford SUV. This past week Marquetta Jordan pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in Washington DC.

And consider Herman Winslow, who was shot and killed by Lena Driskell when their yearlong romance came to an end. "I did it and I'd do it again," Driskell yelled when the police came to her Atlanta home on June 10.

When women kill their husbands and ex-boyfriends, the media never use the term, "domestic violence." That's because according to Mr. Biden, only men commit DV.

Clayton Carter and Herman Winslow are just two of the 835,000 men who are assaulted each year by their wives or girlfriends, according to Department of Justice statistics.

Indeed, women are just as likely as men to commit partner aggression, and men suffer 38% of all DV-related injuries, according to the research.

But Biden's silver-tongued oratory and cloak room arm-twisting counted for more than the truth, and in 1994 President Clinton signed the first Violence Against Women Act into law. That compelled the Department of Justice to create a new bureaucracy, the Office on Violence Against Women.

A lie is never static. A lie must always grow in order to stay one step ahead of the skeptics.

So the billion-dollar-a-year VAWA has spawned even more falsehoods. It wasn't enough to say that women were the exclusive victims of DV. Soon we learned that violence against pregnant women was the leading cause of birth defects, that half of all homeless women are on the streets because of partner violence, and other propaganda-like factoids.

Recently a hyperventilating Catherine MacKinnon, law professor at the University of Michigan, compared partner aggression to the tragedy of 9/11: "Just like terrorist attacks, acts of violence against women are carefully planned, targeted at civilians, and driven by ideology."

Eventually a lie becomes so bloated, so distorted, and so grotesque that people begin to have their doubts.

Indiana University law professor Linda Kelly recently exposed the neo-Marxist underpinnings of the DV industry. Kelly explained, "the 'discovery' of domestic violence is rooted in the essential feminist tenet that society is controlled by an all-encompassing patriarchal structure."

Earlier this year the non-partisan National Academy Science delivered this stinging critique of VAWA-funded programs: "the design of prevention and control strategies.frequently is driven by ideology and stakeholder interests rather than by plausible theories and scientific evidence of cause."

Fox News columnist Wendy McElroy lambasted VAWA as a "hand-me-down from the Clinton administration based on gender myths, anti-male bias and an infatuation with Big Government."

And earlier this month columnist Phyllis Schlafly offered this wish to America's fathers: "Congress can help us celebrate Father's Day this year by refusing to reauthorize the costly VAWA boondoggle."

For years the Democrats have clung to their receding power base by playing on the fears and vulnerabilities of racial minorities. Now the Dems are misleading women with the same red-meat rhetoric by saying they live under the constant threat of being beaten and bloodied.

Thanks to DV-induced hysteria, laws make it possible to evict husbands from their homes simply on the word of the woman. So it's no surprise that so many eligible bachelors are refusing to marry. And it's no coincidence that single women are far more likely than their married counterparts to vote Democratic.

An ever-growing climate of fear, an unaccountable federal bureaucracy, and a fading-away of the institution of marriage -- all that bodes well for Senator Biden's presidential aspirations.

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