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The Politics of Social Destruction at the UN
June 22, 2005
by Carey Roberts

Jan Fransen has come up with a new solution to the old problem of population control: AIDS.

At a meeting of the United Nations Population Fund, Fransen told his surprised audience that to "increase mortality" was one way to limit population growth in Africa. Fransen then made the jocular comment that "AIDS was helping to do the work of population control in Africa."

With that mindset lurking at the UN, is it any surprise that the global campaign to stem the spread of AIDS has been a colossal failure?

Fed up with the shenanigans at the United Nations, the US House of Representatives has now issued an ultimatum to Kofi Annan. Implement 46 designated reforms by 2007, or else we'll slash the US dues payment by half. That would cost the UN a cool $221 million.

Secretary-General Annan must contend with more than long-standing corruption and inefficiency in the sprawling UN bureaucracy. He must also deal with the threat of an ideological take-over. And to an organization prone to ideological excess, that's no joking matter.

First, a little background. Five years ago, the UN unveiled its Millennium Development Goals. The MDGs spell out eight strategies to lift the world's neediest out of grinding poverty. The strategies include common-sense ideas such as universal primary education, reducing child mortality, and combating AIDS.

And two of the strategies were specifically crafted to help women: improve maternal health, and "promote gender equality and empower women." (No one bothered to explain what "empowerment" meant, but it sounded good at the time).

But mere equality wasn't enough. Like rapacious vultures, the radical feminists demanded more. Predictably, they soon began to argue that setting up abortion chop-shops in every town and hamlet would be a necessary pre-condition to achieving the Development Goals.

This past March the UN Economic and Social Council convened a meeting to discuss the MDGs. There Ms. France Donnay, chief of the Reproductive Health Branch of the UN Population Fund, made the claim that "reproductive health and rights are at the core of life for every human being."

So first we're told that AIDS is a viable population control strategy. And now we learn that in order to protect life, we must first kill the innocent unborn. Jan Fransen and France Donnay make for an impressive duo, n'est-ce pas?

Taking its cue from the damsels of destruction, last month the European Union released a report pressuring the UN to expand abortion services. According to its May 24 document, "The EU further recognizes that the MDGs cannot be attained without progress in achieving the Cairo goal of universal sexual and reproductive health and rights."

Note the tell-tale words, "universal" and "rights." That means government-financed abortions on demand for women and teenage girls. And millions of biologically-disenfranchised dads.

And there's more to the story.

The fem-socialists at the UN have come up with a diabolical strategy that goes by the chilling name, "gender mainstreaming." According to its proponents, gender mainstreaming is "the process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies or programs, in all areas and at all levels."

The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) is now proposing that gender mainstreaming should become the "overarching framework" for the Development Goals. But to the radical feminist, gender equality is always about "Me, Me, Me."

So in practice, gender equality is just another excuse to afford more legal preferences and government programs for women. And gender mainstreaming has become the Sisterhood's ploy to hijack the MDGs and turn them into another platform to advance its destructive agenda.

As Janice Shaw Crouse of Concerned Women for America warned, these militant radicals are hoping the UN leadership will take their gender agenda and "force it into the mainstream through international programs and policies."

So now the stage has been set for a show-down at the UN headquarters in New York City. On September 14-16, delegates from around the world will gather for the Millennium+5 Summit to gauge progress in reaching the Development Goals. At that time, feminists are hoping to push through their gender mainstreaming plan.

These Gender Warriors go about spreading calumnies about the mistreatment of women at the hands of selfish patriarchs. Their aim is to shame and intimidate men so they eventually acquiesce to their divisive and destructive agenda.

US House of Representatives, I hope you're taking note.

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