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If Michael Had Been Born Michelle
June 15, 2005
by George Rolph

Had Michael Jackson been born a female it is unlikely that [s]he would ever had stood trial in the first place.

In our society today, only a man who sleeps with, or bathes children, is considered to be a wierdo with pedophile tendencies.

I remember an incident from my past that still troubles me to this day. I had driven down to the town of St Austell in Cornwall to pick up my daughter from work. Arriving early I parked the car close to the shop where she worked. It was winter and a gale was blowing. Rain was sheeting down and it was freezing cold.

I sat in the car with the engine running to maintain heat in the vehicle and through the windscreen, barely kept clear of water by the high speed wipers, I watched a young girl of about 10 years old trying to pull her coat tighter around her soaking body in a vain effort to keep warm and dry. She was sitting on a low wall by the entrance to the market square. Water was cascading over her shoes and her feet must have been frozen and soaked.

I wound the window down and called to her to shelter in the shops nearby.

"I can't." She replied, miserably.

"Mum said to wait here for her and not move."

My heart bled for this child but I dare not offer her the shelter of the car.

I wanted to.

No caring man or woman would want to watch a child freezing in the hammering rain of a dark winters evening. However, the risk posed by such an offer was simply too great.

In a society intent on demonising all men by the sick standards of the fears of paranoid radical feminism, to offer a stranger's child shelter was to invite accusations that were too horrible to contemplate. It would take just one misguided member of the public to see me helping her into the car and call the police and I could be facing horrible accusations and the impossible task of trying to prove my motives were pure and well intentioned to a suitably brainwashed police force. So great is this collective paranoia that the only way I could have asked the child to take shelter were if I were in the company of a female. Which is somewhat ironic as most child abuse is carried out by women and not by men. However, that little detail in the demonisation of men process carried out by nasty little rad fems, is always missing from their arguments.

This was also the situation faced by Michael Jackson and one which his accusers sought to exploit. It is a wonderful testimony to the resilience of the the people in the face of attempts to bully them into thinking everything male is evil, that this jury, at this trial, refused to believe that Mr. Jackson was a pervert intent on harming kids.

Jackson is a troubled man. Of that there is little doubt. No one brought up in the crazy way he was brought up could expect to be any different. The question is, is he a danger to children? Though the political left wing of both America and Britain would love to (and have tried to) portray him as a demonic figure, a jury simply did not believe them. There must be much gnashing of teeth in various left wing homes today. A guilty verdict would have massively strengthened the case against men in general. One has to wonder how many miles of videotape have to be put back on the shelves of various television producers archives, as a flurry of anti-male and accusatory programs about the dangers of leaving men alone with kids must wait, until the next high profile trial of a suspected pedophile.

I must admit that I have chuckled at the thought of Martin Bashir drowning his sorrows in a pint of brandy at the loss of revenue this verdict may have brought him. I also take great delight in the visions of crestfallen members of N.O.W. (National Organisation of Women) in America and Women's Aid and various government ministers here in Britain.

The real disturbing thing about this whole sad and tragic saga is, if Michael had been born a female called, say, Michelle, she probably never would have faced trial at all. Accusing males of sexually abusing kids for monetary gain appears to be primarily a female occupation. Had Michelle Jackson been so accused, thousands of females and left wing press reporters would have been queing to prove her innocence and calling her a "victim of the patriarchy."

Also, had Michael Jackson been found guilty on the basis of false accusations, he would now be serving a very long prison sentence.

Isn't it odd that his accuser will probably walk away scott free.

Why is that?

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