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VAWA - One of the Biggest Taxpayer Fleecings in the History of America
March 16, 2005
by Ray Blumhorst

Since the inception of the Violence Against Women Act in 1994, the domestic violence industry has had over ten years to solve, or improve, the problem of domestic violence in our society. Billions and billions of dollars have been spent to create a fat, bloated bureaucracy that appears at times to have done as much to harm to the lives of women as it has done to help, and soon that bureaucracy will be asking for more money.

Saying that conflicts of interest exist in the domestic violence industry is like saying that conflicts of interest exist in any autocratic form of governance. Conflicting interests are so integral a part of the functioning of the domestic violence movement, that it might be best to dismantle that huge bureaucracy to effectively change it. Starting from scratch without the self-aggrandizing gender feminist modus operandi would be a vast improvement over the present unaccountable pork barrel, that's siphoned away so many hard-earned tax dollars from our struggling society. While mountains of documentation have been created by the domestic violence industry to verify the effectiveness of VAWA, a growing body of evidence indicates this misguided, government monstrosity has ruined an untold number of innocent lives

Domestic violence ideology all begins with a flawed premise that evolves out of the gender feminist belief that America is a Patriarchal society. All men are considered stereotypical members, or beneficiaries of Patriarchy (male privilege). All members of the Patriarchy thereby:

  1. have "power and control,"
  2. systematically use "power and control" to oppress women,
  3. resort to violence to maintain "power and control over women."

At a recent Domestic Violence Council Conference in San Diego, one thing that was hammered home by one of the event's speakers was the fact that, during the past ten years, the rate of domestic violence homicides for women has remained relatively constant. Curiously, this has occurred during a time in our society that I would characterize as a Draconian, domestic violence, "arrest fest" of America's men. Often men have been arrested for the most trivial of things, such as throwing a pencil, or a "perceived threat" alleged by a female intimate. The speaker at the conference preached that the real reason behind domestic violence was "the violent nature of men," and that more Draconian efforts were needed. Of course, more arrests would give the appearance of a bigger problem, requiring more government funding.

Considering VAWA's track record, one can easily interpret an increased effort to arrest more men as an increased effort to fraudulently arrest more men based on more false accusations from female accusers. Typically, a false allegation by a female, alleging a current battery, can easily be based on a yellowed (ten-day-old), self-inflicted bruise. Such fraud is more than adequate to cause the arrest of any innocent man, but there are other effective female false accuser "deceptions" that have worked just as well.

One is left to wonder why such an aggressive industry has been so ineffective in lowering the intimate partner murder rate against women.

Insiders continue to sing the same old song they have been singing for the last decade, "We need more money to arrest more men so we can show we need more money to arrest more men." It makes some sense to a businessperson, since growth is a part of any good business practice, but is VAWA about maintaining and creating bureaucratic jobs, or is it about saving women's and men's lives?

Curiously, the rate of domestic violence murders of men has gone down - way down. I guess having a place to go, like a battered woman's shelter, when you feel like killing your husband or boyfriend, really helped some men to stay alive. Although the domestic violence industry may have saved some men's lives by getting their violent mates away to a shelter, the domestic violence industry has destroyed the lives of many other men with legal nightmares created by arrests of men falsely accused of domestic violence.

The domestic violence industry clings tenaciously to a belief that it must manufacture more and more female victims to get more and more money. To do that, more and more men are fed into the domestic violence arrest system to meet the goals of the industry. Thanks to laws like "primary aggressor," and "mandatory arrest" the gender feminist trained police are coerced to manufacture, ignore, or destroy evidence to support their gender profiling prejudices. It appears from numerous sources the rate of false arrests is greater than one in three. False accusations can be just as devastating and occur much more frequently. In sum, it appears false accusations and perhaps false arrests exceed legitimate accusations and arrests, which are appalling by any measure.

Numerous scholarly studies have shown equal rates of violence between males and females, but that is ignored by gender feminist trained police when they are working hard to fulfill their "goals" for arresting men. Likewise, gender feminist trained prosecutors and judges ignore it when they are fulfilling their "goals" for convicting men. To this day, the Los Angeles Police Department promotes on its web site the gender feminist propaganda that 95% of domestic violence is committed by men. (See Disturbing Facts about Domestic Violence.)

In all fairness to the police, prosecutors and judges let's not forget, that all the time police, prosecutors, and judges are manipulating the law to fulfill the goals of VAWA, gender feminist, domestic violence industry advocates are breathing down their necks and scrutinizing their actions.

In one of his columns, "Baseball Player's Domestic Violence Arrest Demonstrates How Men are Presumed Guilty in Domestic Disputes," Glenn Sacks writes,

"Part of the problem is the training that police officers receive from the domestic violence industry, which insists that 95% of domestic violence is committed by men. Southern California domestic violence consultant Anne O'Dell, who has conducted over 500 domestic violence trainings of police officers and commanders, judges, district attorneys, and victim advocates, tells her trainees that 'if a police officer is arresting more than 8% women, you've got a real problem. When an officer arrests 12% or 15% women, I'm outraged.' O'Dell says that dual arrests should occur in no more than 3% of incidents."

Why, oh why, should that be the case? Shouldn't the police be arresting people based on the evidence they find, and not on some arbitrary goal established by domestic violence industry trainers who advocate "arrest goals" for men?

In the same article Greg Schmidt, a police lieutenant who created the Seattle police department's domestic violence investigation unit in 1994, says,

"The domestic violence industry--the trainers, the shelter directors, etc.--can spin things however they want," he says, "but most street cops know that women are just as likely to start domestic disputes as men are. But arresting women puts you under lot of scrutiny. It's bad for your career."

It is not surprising to hear domestic violence industry insiders fallaciously crying out about a plague of domestic violence in society, when we consider that they are the foxes guarding the chicken houses (battered women's shelters), containing the eggs (statistics) that are needed to fuel (fund) their purpose (ideology). They allege that it's far too dangerous to female victims to have domestic violence industry accountability from "outsiders" (like independent auditors). Yet the fact remains, that's what's truly needed to document ineffective practices, or outright fraud, in this unaccountable, taxpayer-funded boondoggle.

The numbers that exist, that the domestic violence industry has not been able to misrepresent or manipulate, female murder victims of domestic violence, indicate that the domestic violence industry is doing a terrible job of saving women's lives.

One is left to wonder about the efficacy of domestic violence treatment for falsely accused, male, domestic violence arrestees. When a man is being brutalized by a violent female in his home, will further brutalization of that man with arrest, prosecution and batterer training, do anything to improve his life or the life of the violent woman in his life? Does that inhuman treatment of the castigated male eventually make things worse for the violent woman in his life? Many men who've been labeled batterers by misguided domestic violence ideology are not. Many women who've been labeled victims by misguided domestic violence ideology are not. It appears to me that excusing female batterers not only cheats and hurts real victims it cheats and hurts everyone. One can only wonder how many men have actually been driven to murder their wives or girlfriends by the bungling ineffectiveness that passes for domestic violence industry methodology.

One of the most insidious evils at work in America society today is the Domestic Violence movement. None of this is really new to people who have watched this virulently sexist, anti-male social service over the past ten years, but the realization that male victims of domestic violence are the biggest threat to domestic violence ideology is only now becoming more generally known to the public at large. In recent years domestic violence industry advocates have issued repeated attacks on male victims of domestic violence who seek shelter. One has to wonder: Why are male victims such a threat to them? Why does the domestic violence industry make every effort to deny resources and services to male victims of domestic violence? Why does the domestic violence industry do everything in its power to deny that battered men even exist?

Linda Kelly, writes in her scholarly research paper, "Disabusing the Definition of Domestic Abuse: How Women Batter Men and the Role of the Feminist State,"

"Defining domestic violence as the abuse of women by men has brought a growing cultural intolerance for wife abuse, while there is reported to be little change in the tolerance of female violence. In very real terms then, the failure to stigmatize or even acknowledge the female abuse of men allows and encourages its continuation (91), Pp.812."


"Domestic violence represents the prized gemstone of feminist theory's fundamental message that our legal, social, cultural norms are fashioned in a manner which permit men to engage in a constant and pervasive effort to oppress women by any and every available means. A successful challenge to the Patriarchal definition of domestic violence may thus undermine feminism itself (my emphasis). To remain true to feminist theory, no aspect of male-female relations can be considered without first accepting the male as all powerful and the female as powerless. (119) The gender hierarchy is omnipresent. (120), Pp. 818"

In the preface to "Naming the Violence: Speaking Out About Lesbian Battering," Barbara Hart writes,

"It contradicts our belief in the inherent nonviolence of women," (emphasis mine), Pp. 10,


"We felt it would destroy our credibility and that it would make us even more vulnerable to ... those people in the dominant culture that wanted to discredit the efforts of the battered women's movement. So, we pulled a tight lid down on the subject and did not discuss lesbian battering even among ourselves until the first NCADV conference two years later (emphasis mine). I was concerned that battered lesbians were being ignored, even sacrificed, to enable us to work on safer issues."

That's quite an admission coming from someone in an industry that is still ignoring and covering up male victims of domestic violence.

In reading the above quotes one is led to suspect more strongly, that the domestic violence industry is more concerned about continuing its own funding and growth, than it is about stopping violence against women and men. Is VAWA as it exists today actually encouraging violent women to be violent to the point that they are provoking some men to take their lives?

On page 8, Table 2 of the California Attorney General's Report on Domestic Violence in California, 1998, we see the number of arrests for females increased each and every year over a ten year period, from 1,904 arrests in 1988 to 9,373 arrests in 1998. In 1998 women were 16.5% of all domestic violence arrests in California. Those numbers are all the more startling, when taken in light of the extreme efforts that were being made to arrest men and not women for domestic violence.

It appears to me that those who have been empowered by VAWA to deal with domestic violence according to gender feminist ideology have followed their marching orders, but have been far less than effective in dealing with the true dynamics of violent domestic relationships, and now they are going back to our United States congress to ask for billions more in funding for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). It's time to use some common sense, clean house in the domestic violence industry , save the taxpayers billions of dollars, and truly work to understand the dynamics of domestic violence based on almost anything other than the misandrist propaganda that has characterized the domestic violence movement since it's inception.

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