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Men Step Aside, The Rad-Fems Are Set To Win the Culture War
January 5, 2005
by Carey Roberts

If you want to understand the Culture War, you need to appreciate the ideology, methods, and goals of radical feminism. And to understand feminism, you must understand Marxist philosophy and the history of the Soviet Union. On this last point, I recommend Joshua Muravchik's highly-readable book, Heaven on Earth.

Future historians will note the Culture War took an important turn in the November 2 elections. Sensing their political standing was on the wane, the Leftists decided to pull out all the stops in a last-ditch effort to reverse the course of history. Of course they lost the gamble, and now the Leftists are seething with bitterness and rage.

But in another sense, the battle has only just begun. To this point in time, most Americans have been bystanders in the conflict, hoping the struggle for America's soul would somehow leave their own lives unscathed.

There is more to the Culture War than radical feminism, of course. David Horowitz at the Center for the Study of Popular Culture has charted the broad outlines of that multi-faceted conflict. But probe the inner workings of the Leftist movement, and there you will find a feminist heartbeat, pumping hard and strong.

We have now passed the point of no return. Too many unborn children have been felled at the abortionist's hand. Too many infants are warehoused in day care centers. Too many women have been ridiculed for heeding their maternal instincts. And too many men have been unfairly stereotyped and falsely accused.

Feminist philosophy now envelopes the mainstream media and the academy. The divisive voice of the Sisterhood can be heard as well in our workplaces, schools, and even in our homes.

Not even our religious beliefs are immune. Feminists view religion in general, and Christianity in particular, as hopelessly patriarchal. So they have sought to marginalize religion, forcing persons to think twice before they exclaim, "Merry Christmas!"

There is little about contemporary feminism that can legitimately be viewed as promoting gender equality. Now, the quest for equality has been replaced by neo-Marxist rhetoric of female "liberation" and "empowerment."

Last week columnist Lyndia Lovric at the Winnipeg Sun launched this salvo: "One of the biggest lies perpetuated by modern-day feminists is the contention that feminism is about equality. Feminists aren't interested in equality. What they want is revenge."

Visit the websites of the National Organization for Women or the Feminist Majority, and you will see the feminist utopia will not be a world that takes kindly to men.

What worries me most is the feminist hegemony at the United Nations. There, feminists rely on a "top-down" strategy to impose their ideology on countries throughout the world. It began with CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. Now fem-socialist ideology permeates many of the UN agencies.

To put this in historical perspective, a mere 20 years ago, 70 countries around the world considered themselves to be Communist, socialist, or social democratic. Then in 1991 the Soviet Empire imploded. Now socialism is receding in all corners of the globe.

But I predict the struggle to counter feminism will be more difficult than the fight against Communism. Why? Because while socialism relied on political, economic, and military tactics, feminism targets the chinks in persons' emotional armor. It preys on women's sense of fear and anger, and on men's feelings of guilt and shame.

Have you ever wondered why the Leftists are so intent on enacting speech codes and so-called "hate speech" laws? Because freedom of speech poses the most formidable obstacle to the continued metastasis of Political Correctness. And therein lies the secret to winning the Culture War.

So here's a New Year's Resolution for all of us. I admit, it's deceptively simple:

Speak out. Call your elected officials. Write a letter to the editor. Sound off. Complain. Be heard. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Exercise your First Amendment rights.

Our consciences are insisting that we cannot afford to remain as silent onlookers while the Culture War continues to rage. Me? I'm doing this for the sake of my kids and grandchildren.

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