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Make the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Gender Inclusive, or Dump It!
December 29, 2004
by Ray Blumhorst

I am a firm believer that gender feminists (and all other people) have a right to freely speak their opinions, but I draw the line when gender feminist fallacies are touted as fact, and then passed into malicious laws that are used to persecute innocent people. No one should have to become a victim of endless abuse to satisfy an inhuman ideology that treats some human life as of lesser value than others.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) advocates have routinely used the "connected knowing" methodology employed in gender feminist "knowing" to place feelings and emotions (voices) on a level with soundly deduced scientific research. Scientific research has conclusively shown time and again, that men are battered in domestic violence on a scale far, far greater than that which is currently accepted by the established domestic violence industry (Fiebert Bibliography). The damage from the idiotic, anecdotal, gender feminist, femi-babble has been immense in the lives of many traditional families across America. Gender feminists are literally ripping the very fabric of American society apart, and destroying the glue which has held this great nation together for centuries.

Although the war on terrorism garners all the major headlines, there is none the less, an insidious enemy in our midst that is also a major threat to this great land. There is an enemy in our midst, an "evil," that seeks to tear down our existing social structure, and replace it with a gender feminist ideal that is rife with oppression and hatred for heterosexual males. One of the most powerful vehicles that is being employed to further this agenda is America's current Violence Against Women Act.

In an article on her web site, Trudy Schuett writes:

It is an element of feminist belief that they somehow "know" the minds of others and their intentions. Thus, they can freely claim the precise details and the reasons for domestic violence without ever bothering to even ask abusers what their thought processes may be. They attempt to "prove" that all domestic violence is a gender based occurrence, men against women, using a lot of unrelated facts and figures. They take many sets of references and numbers and blast their website visitors or readers of publicity materials with this information. Often however, their factoids simply make no sense in terms of serious scientific enquiry.

All men are routinely vilified by the domestic violence industry as being born inherently violent, and further conditioned to violence by societal stimuli. Many men who unwittingly fall into the clutches of domestic violence law, subsequently wind up in batterer's programs where they are indoctrinated to believe that they need to confess to all sorts of offenses they never committed.

The domestic violence industry fallaciously promotes an image of men benefiting from a patriarchal power structure, wherein all men benefit so much, that they wield relentless power and control over all women. The sad irony of all this is that patriarchal privilege is a lie of gargantuan proportion. Often men targeted for persecution by VAWA batterer's programs, have no more power or control over their financial obligations, and work responsibilities, than a dog trying to please a sadistic master. After all men are 94% of work place deaths.

Positioned neatly into this smoke and mirrors perspective is a domestic violence industry propaganda image, that portrays violent, battering, abusive, and sometimes murderous women as inherently non violent victims who are trapped in the male cycle of power, control, and violence. It isn't enough that many innocent men are battered in life: on the job, on the battlefield, in the classroom, in advertising, in newspapers, on TV, in the movies, etc., VAWA functions to allow many men to be battered in their homes with no relief, then turns the tables on them and portrays them as batterers. Almost always, they are battered again by cops and judges through the "legal process." Often these men are thrown in jails and subsequently sent to batterer's programs. They are stigmatized in work and social settings, and ostracized from their children. For battered men their battering never ends. The pain of these victims is immense and there is no shelter for them to find kindness. There is no shelter for them to find merciful relief from their vilification. It is no wonder men die six years sooner than women (on average), are approximately 80% of the homeless wandering the streets, and are 75% of suicides. Meanwhile, female batterers are not only free, they are often rewarded (empowered) with domestic violence industry benefits for the fraud they have committed.

The cruelty that is heaped on so many innocent men appears to me to be a clear manifestation of the disturbed minds that have created and run the domestic violence industry. It appears to me that those in the domestic violence industry are driven primarily by a man-hating lust to inflict an endless psychotic vengeance of endless pain on all men for the perceived crime of having been born male. In my opinion, there is no more subtle evil, that has ever stalked the face of this planet, than the mayhem created by America's Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

The exclusion of male victims from the help they should be receiving from domestic violence law is a cycle of endless battering that has been created by VAWA to endlessly torture the minds, bodies, and spirits of countless innocent men. All, for an ideological goal that is the spawn of the gender feminist agenda. Empowering women to have equality with men should not come at the destruction of innocent men. Empowering gender feminists to tyrannically rule at the cost of destroying innocent lives is even more despicable. Many people are saying that the time is long past due for a more equitable balance to come to the taxpayer funded domestic violence industry so that male victims are recognized, and females batterers are accountable. I say the time has come to just eliminate the fraudulent Violence Against Women Act altogether, and let the criminal justice system operate on facts, equal protection, and equal justice as it was intended to do.

Lastly, if funding is to continue for that segment of the domestic violence industry known as domestic violence shelters, then lets start letting in the vast numbers of men who have been denied those services for the past ten years. No one should have to become a victim of endless abuse to satisfy an inhuman ideology that treats some human life as of lesser value than others.

Ray Blumhorst is currently a Supervisor of Maintenance, and has worked in California public schools for 30 1/2 years. In addition to his day job, he worked for 8 years as a part time teacher in California public schools in the evenings. Ray is a Vietnam Vet, and a member of the National Coalition of Free Men, Los Angeles. Ray is also a victim of domestic violence and is currently the plaintiff in a civil rights lawsuit for an injunction against ten state funded domestic violence shelters that refuse to provide shelter or even motel vouchers to male victims. The action is currently on appeal before the 2nd District Court of Appeals of California.

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