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Rights and Rodents
October 6, 2004
by George Rolph

Watching various journalists reacting to the revolution taking place around them is akin to watching the old dinosaurs who thought Alf Garnet and Enoch Powel were right, screaming as the world changes around their stultified minds.

The revolution I refer to is, of course, the one being created today by men who are demanding that their rights are important also. Men who, unlike the radical feminists who went before them, are not resorting to violence. Men who, with humour and clever campaigning, are forcing society to take another look at the way we treat families and children.

Standing significantly above the fray is one Mr Bob Geldof. With his customary boldness and brutal honesty, Bob Geldof has nailed his colours to the mast of the good ship "Family" and all around him rats are squirming on the deck in their desperation to sink this noble vessel, by gnawing at its planks. The rats are the journalists and politicians, judges and social workers, teachers and television presenters who swallowed everything that radical feminism had to say without ever thinking through its implications. These people were, and are, the legions of the stupid. Among them -- as revealed in the Telegraph article entitled, "Bob Geldof - from the angry young man to grumpy old moralist" -- is Amanda Platell. Watching these people pouring vitriol over anyone, or anything, that goes against the 1970's radical feminist thinking that corrodes their brains and ruins their thinking, should become a national sport. "Spot the rat." Is a game the public could have great fun playing.

Why am I so worked up about our dear Telegraph quoted rodent, Amanda? Its because of comments like this one from the article mentioned above:

"The fact is, most women initiate divorces because their men are sleeping around. What are they expected to do? Sit around and tolerate the situation because cheating on your partner is supposedly what being masculine is all about."

This is a typical radical feminist smokescreen. They wheel it out, or something like it, whenever there is a danger that the "fair sex" might have to answer for their behaviour. Blame the men is a standard, but dishonest tactic. The idea that all these women are just poor little victims of badly behaved men is an idea that has much truth in it as the average rat has intellect. Radical feminists, like Amanda, are easily spotted. They have a seemingly genetic inability to admit fault in their own sex. They are driven, not by the noble aims of equality, but by the ignoble hatred of men they wear like badges to cover their own ignorance. Were radical feminists aiming their hatred at any other group in society such as, Jews, blacks, Asians or even women, the outcry would be huge! Hoards of people would take to the streets. Buildings in Brixton and Toxteth would be set ablaze. The media would be filled with hysterical rhetoric about how evil sexism, racism and every other "ism" known to mankind is. However, as men we are supposed to turn a blind eye to the radical feminist bigots because it is assumed they have a natural right to dismantle the family and pour hate upon the male 50% of the population. Well they don't!

Mr Geldof and many others have woken up to the radical feminist double standards and these men and women are making a stand. The good ship "Family" is the bedrock of our civilisation and its fate is too important to be given over to the likes of those on the pirate ship of radical feminism. Its time to repel boarders and send these rats scurrying back to the holes they crept out of.

The rats are squirming because their lies are being challenged. Like all rats, they become abusive when cornered and jump at the throats of their critics. And, like the rats they are, they will desert the sinking ship of radical feminism when they see their cause is lost and, I suspect, claim they always supported the family, as their vessel is consigned to the graveyard of history.

We are witnessing, in Britain and around the world, the birth of an historic men's rights movement that will not and cannot be stopped. Men who for forty years have said nothing as radical feminists poured hate, guilt and scorn onto their shoulders have taken enough. We have listened to the wild, insane, ramblings of the likes of Germaine Greer and Gloria Steinem and we have heard enough. Like it or not Amanda, men are starting to fight back. The prize is the family and the goal is the destruction of the philosophies of those, so filled with a hatred for all things male, that would deprive a child of the right to a father to satisfy their sick and distorted lust for revenge for, often imagined, wrongs.

Copyright © George Rolph August 2004

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