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The Problem With Senator Edward M. Kennedy
July 14, 2004
by Tony Zizza

A recent article by Jessica E. Vascellaro in the on line version of The Boston Globe, pretty much spelled out for me what the problem with Democratic Senator Edward M. Kennedy is, from where else, but Massachusetts.

It appears he is purposefully oblivious to the fact that The Child Medication Safety Act of 2003, an act preventing schools from coercing parents in placing their children on psychotropic "medications" as a requisite of attending school, passed the House of Representatives 425-1. Now this act, known as S.1390, has been stalled by Kennedy and has remained all year in the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. Why?

After Jessica E Vascellaro's article was published, Kennedy wrote a letter to the editor and stated that his "problem with the bill is that it does too little." Sounds like a flip-flop, huh? He throws us a clever line, "Schools are supposed to educate, not medicate", but nothing excuses stalling S.1390 in the manner in which it has been stalled.

Nonetheless, the Globe article was objective enough to note that Kennedy since 1999 "has received $171,601 in campaign contributions from health professionals and $97,050 from the pharmaceutical and health-product industry."

So what are we to make of this? A conflict of interest? Certainly. However, Kennedy's true colors of ignorance fly high when he states the delay in Senate movement on this bill is because this is "a complex question that demands a serious study." Kennedy, I guess, unafraid of water and bridges, is afraid to take action since "until we know the extent of the problem, any further action is unwarranted."

If Kennedy were really honest about the epidemic of children in this country being fed psychotropic drugs and invented mental disorders, he would understand co-founder of Parents For Label and Drug Free Education, Sheila Matthews, was sincere in contacting his office numerous times regarding this bill. She, as well as millions of other parents, are sincere and honest when it comes to exposing the myriad of ways our culture is drugging children without a second thought. You would think the very fact a "medication" safety act for children in our culture is even discussed would point to increasingly disturbing realities.

One of these realities is that Kennedy, Libby Nealis, director of public policy for the National Association of School Psychologists, and Dr. Harold Koplewicz, director of the New York University Child Study Center are taking us into a Brave New World. Perhaps, we're already there.

Think about it. Kennedy is seeking a delay because in doing so it might be imagined it makes him an educated advocate for "children with mental health issues." Instead of being the director for "public policy" at the National Association of School Psychologists, perhaps Libby Nealis ought to shy away from the ivory tower and talk to children and their parents more often.

As for Dr. Harold Koplewicz, I feel he is a very dangerous man who lacks a sense of perception. It appears he is in the business of detecting children with mental health problems, and unfortunately, only 20 percent of cases in our country have been detected. Strange, but true, this amount of detection already has resulted in at least 11 million of our children being put on "legal drugs." Do the math. If we are to embrace the Brave New World that Dr. Koplewicz envisions, 80 percent of our children will have their mental health problems go undetected if S.1390 were ever moved on. It seems, then, Dr. Koplewicz in calling this bill "offensive" would have no problem in seeing another 44 million young minds drugged with mind-altering "medications" like Ritalin.

In my heart of hearts, I would like to see Kennedy and his kind just spend a few minutes looking at a petition in support of The Child Medication Safety Act of 2003, (S.1390) which shows hundreds of parents from accross the country attesting to the very real fact that they have been pressured and/or coerced by school personnel to place their children on psychotropic drugs.

The petition is at: http://www.ablechild.org/bin/thelist.asp

These 797 parents (and counting) are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the number of lives played with while Kennedy and his kind fake reality by hiding behind the deceptive statement that more study is needed before S.1390 can move.

The problem with Senator Edward M. Kennedy is that he is allowing more children every day to be exposed to the dangers of psychotropic drugs. Listening to him morally judge Clarence Thomas, as well as more recently stating absurdly that our troops opened up Saddam Hussein's torture chambers again by mistreating prisoners in Iraq, scares me in the sense he can operate through so many contradictions.

Surely, the nation's mental health is in danger when someone like Edward M. Kennedy and all of his kind are against ensuring our children's health and safety by supporting a simply stated anti-coercion bill, S.1390. It's not a perfect bill, but we have a host of vastly imperfect human beings about to continue our journey to the Brave New World. It's not a pretty place.

Zizza is the Vice President/Georgia of Parents For Label and Drug Free Education. A former Massachusetts resident for over twenty years, he writes frequently about mental health issues. Email comments to him at: tz777@yahoo.com

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