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Heresy of the Maternal Instinct
April 14, 2004
by Carey Roberts

News flash: Women are leaving the workplace in droves to become full-time mothers.

Two years ago Karen Hughes resigned as counselor to President Bush to go back to Texas and spend time with her family. In response, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd ridiculed Karen Hughes' exercise of free choice: "Women will never get anywhere in this boys' administration, or this boys' town, or this boys' world, if they're going to sacrifice prime West Wing real estate every time their husbands and kids kvetch."

Not to ruin your day, Ms. Dowd, but Karen Hughes is not an aberration.

According to the recent March 22 cover story in Time magazine, the percentage of married mothers with children under one who are in the workforce fell from 59% in 1997 to 53% in 2000. And among women with graduate or professional degrees, 22% are staying at home with their kids. At PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 10% of the firm's female partners work part-time.

This trend was confirmed in an article last October in the NY Times Magazine which reported that only 38% of middle-aged female graduates from Harvard Business School are now working full-time. Overall, one-fourth to one-third of professionally-educated women are out of the workforce.

Most people would explain this trend with the common-sense response that the women's maternal instinct kicked in. As Joan Williams of American University put it, women don't reach the top of the corporate ladder because ''they are stopped long before by the maternal wall.''

But to radical feminists, that statement is heresy. To them, "maternal instinct" is repugnant to everything they stand for.

Because to feminists, "equality" is not about equal opportunity or equal choices. Instead, feminists believe that 50% (at least) of all elected officials, 50% of all corporate CEOs, 50% of all Nobel prize winners, 50% of everything must be female. Anything short of that should be blamed on patriarchal oppression.

To achieve that goal, feminists must pretend that there are no biological or psychological differences between the sexes.

Think about it: If the Sisterhood admitted to the possibility of the maternal instinct, then it would have to agree that women might want to leave the workforce to nurture their offspring. Then feminists would have to admit that women will never compose 50% of the workforce. Next they would have to concede that the reason why women's wages fall short of men's is because women drop out of the labor market for years at a time. And when they do return, these women seldom seek out the high-paying, pressure-cooker jobs that men as primary breadwinners may feel compelled to take on.

And as you can see, the entire feminist ideology would soon unravel. So why does the Sisterhood demand this unattainable notion of statistical equality?

The answer is Marxism.

The Marxist creed preaches the utopian goal of absolute economic and social equality. But human nature rebels against enforced sameness. Which is why socialist governments inevitably resort to totalitarian measures.

Go to the Women and Marxism website, and you can easily trace the unbroken line that begins with Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, and Karl's youngest daughter Eleanor. Then read the proto-feminist speeches and writings of Vladimir Lenin and his wife Nadezhada, of Joseph Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung.

Scan Shulamith Firestone's 1972 book, The Dialectic of Sex, and see how she took the Marxist theories and translated them into the shrill rhetoric that permeates modern-day feminism.

Examine the writings of Simone de Beauvoir and Kate Millett, and see how these feminist icons freely and openly advocate socialist concepts. Then peruse David Horowitz's exposé about Betty Friedan's secret Communist past.

The fem-socialist attempt to impose absolute statistical equality on the sexes is doomed to failure. In any contest that pits human nature against social ideology, it's women's maternal instinct that will always win out.

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