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Letter of the Week: Feminism
December 23, 2003

When I consider many of the long term implications of what the women's movement has allowed itself to become, of which the example of the T-shirts is just one of a multitude of examples, I cannot but believe that it is inevitable, before the middle of this century has arrived, that women will be looked upon with wary, scornful contempt. In fact many of the most scornful misogynists of the future will be women themselves. I have already encountered evidence of this.

Under its contemporary banner of 'feminism', the women's movement has long since crossed that divide between just cause and fanatical creed motivated primarily by blind hatred.

History has repeatedly demonstrated that once the evolution of any form of socio-political belief witnesses a transformation of this kind, the final outcome is the antithesis of the horrendous fantasies of the ideologues.

Feminism will completely destroy the position of women in many Western cultures. This may, perhaps, sound unbelievable. But I do realistically foresee an outcome in which future historians will be analysing the gradual change of the women's movement - from the suffragettes, to womens liberation, to equity and radical feminism - and will be acknowledging a situation in which the earliest demands and achievements, of women's suffrage and equal property rights, will have been sacrificed and lost on the alter of extremism.

Peter Charnley. (United Kingdom)

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