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Hard Won Gains at What, or Whose Expense
December 16, 2003
by Ray Blumhorst

A militant feminist catch phrase I keep hearing repeated in various permutations these days is, "Men (male activists) are trying to roll back the hard fought gains women have made." One must ask the most logical question that comes to mind when reading such a statement, "Are gains by any means, at any cost, at any time justified?" Have today's American women been so badly deprived and disadvantaged that they can, "carte blanche" use any methods, or break any rules, until the militant feminist version of parity (total power and control) is reached? Have American females of my generation truly known that great of an oppression? Judging by what I've seen over my life time this liberated male would have to say, "That is clearly not the case." However, when fair minded people call for accountability and try to reconcile many of the wild claims made by militant feminists, that same old tired catch phrase keeps being trotted out, "Men are trying to roll back the hard fought gains women have made."

Without the checks and balances of an equal number of men's commission, to bring some balance to the gender agenda of America's militant feminists, the over 270 women's commissions in America have run amok. Today there is only one men's commission in America that I know of (New Hampshire).

With so much horrible social engineering, and so many misandrist policies and laws having come about through unchecked militant feminism, the next commission that should be formed, in my opinion, is one to address the constitutional violations of male's rights. That commission should investigate the dishonesties propagated and disseminated by militant feminism and consider bringing criminal charges on those advocates for women's gains who used false information, statistical fabrications, or just outright lies.

Militant Feminist, hate propaganda has been preached in the legislatures and courts of America with an ad hominem zeal that defies the egalitarian equal justice and equal protection that both sexes have always had an equal right to under our constitution. The militant feminists' prejudiced, vilification of males has been relentless and tyrannical in its destruction of men and families. The time must come soon, when men and women of goodwill audit all the actions of the militant feminist movement, if anyone is to escape its destructive ensnaring tentacles.

When will the drive to bring accountability to out of control militant feminists begin, and must men of good will face such an unenviable task alone? Not only does it appear the task has already begun, it very much appears that men have not been left solely to their own means to defend their dwindling rights. A small, but growing, alliance strives to change laws and policies that heretofore sought only "gains for women." Fortunately for men, women of good will are advocating for a true balancing of the scales of justice. Women of good will are saying that there should be equal justice and equal protection for men as well as women. A new paradigm is confronting the menace of militant feminism, with women of good will saying, "We too have had enough of the hate propaganda and destructive social policies of militant feminists." The daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, and 2nd wives of men, who have been cannibalized by the rabid depravity of the militant feminist movement, are outraged and exhibiting a defiance towards militant feminism that even targeted men are unable to express. It is through the united good will of these thrown together, disenfranchised citizens that all the people may yet come to know the fresh air of freedom and fairness that once filled our "noble" halls of justice.

We men are not trying to take back the just gains that women have made, and we continue to support all women in their valid goals. Common sense will tell those who know what common sense is, that men and women of good will are merely trying to turn back the unjust tyrannical laws and policies that so many men have suffered under for so long.

Yes, many good women and men of noble integrity have attained many good, and hard fought gains for women. I have supported, and will continue to support women in their just endeavors, but those individuals who have instituted oppressive sexist laws against males under the jack boot tyranny of lies and aggression, I will not support. I will oppose such tyrannical advances adamantly, because those hard fought gains are no more valid, than those by any other out of control fascist who storms into neighboring territories to pillage and lay waste to the innocent occupants living there. The most insidious and despicable of such tyrannies, that is foremost in my mind, is the militant feminist movement, that today plagues so greatly the entire western world. Gains won at the cost of slavery to others (males) are not gains, rather they are a dictatorship.

Ray Blumhorst is currently a Supervisor of Maintenance, and has worked in California public schools for 29 1/2 years. In addition to his day job, he worked for 8 years as a part time teacher in California public schools in the evenings. Ray is a Vietnam Vet, and a member of the National Coaltion of Free Men, Los Angeles. Ray is also a victim of domestic violence and is currently the plaintiff in a civil rights lawsuit for an injunction against ten state funded domestic violence shelters that refuse to provide shelter or even motel vouchers to male victims. The action is currently on appeal before the 2nd District Court of Appeals of California.

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