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Arnold's Election Spells Demise of Radical Feminism
October 14, 2003
by Carey Roberts

Despite an eleventh-hour ambush by the Los Angeles Times, Arnold Schwarzenegger won in a landslide victory last week.

Arnold's triumph is the latest proof that the feminist house of cards is beginning to collapse. Women shrugged off the LA Times' groping allegations and turned out in droves waving their "Remarkable Women for Arnold" placards. And when the dust had cleared, 43% of women had voted for Schwarzenegger, compared to only 36% giving the nod to Lt. Gov. Bustamante.

Clearly, the radical feminist message no longer resonates. A series of highly visible setbacks illustrate the point:

Item: A year ago, the US Senate failed to ratify the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, the UN's aborted attempt to give women more rights than men.

Item: Despite all the flag-waving at the New York Times, Martha Burke could entice only a handful of women to show up to protest the all-male membership of the Augusta Golf Club.

Item: On May 15, the Independent Women's Forum announced a frontal assault on the National Organization of Women. That day, the IWF issued a press release that read, "Memo to NOW: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid."

Item: Tammy Bruce, former president of the Los Angeles chapter of NOW, is revealing the inside scoop on the divisive NOW agenda. Just last week, she deplored the "hypocrisy of the Left, and of Democrats and the feminist machines in particular."

Item: Soccer has long been considered the crown jewel of women's sports. But on September 15, the Women's United Soccer Association announced it was closing up shop. And 3 weeks later, the women lost to Germany 0-3 in the World Cup semi-finals.

But radical feminism is like a malignant cancer. Even after the primary tumor has been removed, we find that it has spread to other vital organs. In particular, 3 institutions in our society have been infected by radical feminist ideology:

1. Legal System: The legal system is riddled with laws, policies, and judicial practices that give women more rights than men in the areas of family law, domestic violence, sexual harrassment and assault, health care, and others.

2. Mass Media: Gender bias in the media is pervasive. As Brian Goldberg put it in his acclaimed book, Bias: "there's too much male-bashing in our culture -- too many TV shows that demean men in general and fathers in particular and too many professional feminists who see men as dumb jerks who 'just don't get it.'"

3. Higher Education: Just as Stalin's ideologues infiltrated universities in the Soviet Union, feminism has established hundreds of Women's Studies programs across the land. But as one critic put it, these programs are "narrow intellectual prisons presided over by matriarchs of mediocrity who mistake ideology for learning and scholarship."

But the most disturbing developments are taking place at the United Nations. The United Nations has abandoned even the pretense of gender fairness by establishing a broad range of programs that would deprive men of even the most basic of human rights.

Just a couple weeks ago, James Morris, the head of the UN World Food Program, made this remark: "My narrow perspective is to make sure that women and children don't starve." Apparently, the specter of men who work long hours in the hot sun, and then go home to sleep on an empty belly troubles him not in the least.

So here's California's message to radical feminists in the United States and at the United Nations: a total recall election may be coming your way.

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