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Group Seeks Justice for Families; Focus Includes Paternity Fraud
October 10, 2003

ATLANTA, Oct. 9 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Four accomplished longtime fathers and families advocates join forces to form a new national nonprofit organization. Carnell Smith, Murray Davis, Dianna Thompson, and Jane Spies are the co-founders of the National Family Justice Association (NFJA).

Carnell Smith, NFJA's new President, is well known for his outstanding leadership in changing the Georgia law regarding paternity in 2002. The three other founding directors of NFJA are: Murray Davis, NFJA's Vice President who is a noted Michigan parents' advocate and educator; Dianna Thompson, NFJA's Director of Media Relations who is a nationally known and often-quoted expert on families, stepfamilies, and on divorce related issues; and Jane Spies, M.S. Ed., NFJA's Director of Education who is a longtime advocate for fathers, mothers, and children. The founding directors are experienced in local and national family issues and media relations.

Carnell Smith, Board president and CEO, said, "We expect NFJA to soon become a household name. Too many men, women, and children are suffering from the negative effects of destructive laws and misguided policies affecting families today. If the system hurts a mother or father, it hurts their children."

Some of the policies NFJA will address include issues concerning paternity fraud where men are court ordered -- under the threat of jail-time -- to pay child support for children they did not father, issues of child custody, parental abduction, child support, move-aways, unfair adoptions, and child "visitation" and access denial and interference, where loving parents, most of whom are fathers, are unable to see their own children as the courts, much too frequently, do not enforce their own orders for "visitation/parenting" time.

"These families can't wait; they need help now. Our goal is to work together with family experts and the great people of this nation, and internationally, to educate the general public that there are destructive laws and policies in family court and elsewhere, that are not helping, and, as a matter of fact, they are hurting people. Families are suffering and it does not have to be this way. NFJA will address the countless issues that negatively affect families that are often ignored. We are seeking fair solutions and how best to enact them," said Murray Davis.

NFJA is pleased to announce that they are kicking off their efforts with a national prayer vigil/peaceful protest that will focus in on family court, custody, child support, paternity fraud, and visitation issues. Many other educational events, including town hall meetings and educational summits, are being planned.

According to Dianna Thompson, who is an expert on second wives and helped enact a 1994 California law that deletes new spouse income from being considered in determining child support, "Unjust separations between fit non-custodial parents and their children cannot be tolerated. Some children have not seen their father or mother for years. They have become "deadbolted." Too many children do not know that a parent loves them and they are fighting endless battles in court for them. This is tragic, and I believe we are seeing the results of this in the numerous social pathologies children are facing today such as depression, suicide, drug abuse, and teenage pregnancy," said Thompson.

NFJA founders say they anticipate tremendous grassroots response and support for the cause. They invite all groups, men, women, grandparents, second wives, extended family, non-custodial moms and dads, and custodial parents to join together with NFJA for the huge national prayer vigil/peaceful protest that is slated to take place in cities across the nation and internationally this spring, 2004 titled, "Families Seeking Justice." Interested persons can sign up as peaceful protest coordinators for their own city or as participants by contacting NFJA.

"There are millions of parents and concerned families out here, and we intend to encourage them to officially join together to help effect long-needed change. This prayer vigil will be the first of many planned events to show the plight of families and to help implement real solutions to myriad problems. We at NFJA will work tirelessly until all families have justice and children benefit," said Spies.

"Too many people are in despair over their situations, and they can't wait for relief. We must do something to help these families and children now, and that is what we will accomplish," explained Smith.

For media inquiries, to join NFJA, to volunteer, or to learn more about the National Family Justice Association, visit http://www.NFJA.org or e-mail NFJA at info@NFJA.org. Phone NFJA at 330-534-3510.

NFJA encourages media to sign up for the free e-mail list serve to stay up-to-date on relevant family information and peaceful protest updates.

This is a call for Unity...together we can make this effort a tremendous success, NFJA says.

Contact: Jane Spies of the National Family Justice Association, 330-534-3510; email info@NFJA.org

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