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Letter of the Week: Rape Allegations
October 14, 2003

Ok, maybe I grew up in Dog Patch but I don't get it. Help out my itty bitty mind after I rant about this, but let me see if I can sum up the particulars. Once again the problem is one of REWARD for claiming to have been raped while no DETERRENT is there if the charge is false. Funny how crimes men can be accused of, where women are mostly immune from prosecution, are special and have "special legislation". Must just be me.

There should NEVER be a reward for having been a rape victim. I can't be convinced of it. When the "reward" of rape charges are just revenge, divorce advantage, or attention, the false allegation "cottage industry" was bad enough. NOW (and N.O.W.), in infinate PC wisdom, there is an idea being tossed around to REWARD a woman who makes a claim for rape. The incentive is there for ENORMOUS abuse. Women who're raped need our support. But, I am sick to death of women who use it for financial/emotional revenge or just simply for cash. The problem is that these prostitutes, and I don't just mean the ones in Kenya, ain't facing any justice if caught.

A lack of deterence for false allegations?! Why don't we declare "no theft day", tie up the police, open Pier 1 and Macy's, and hope against hope that the 'moral gentler-sex' wont empty out the store by midnight. Might as well ask for it to rain gumdrops on Halloween. We have laws and punishments (though sorely lacking in teeth) for this. To remove the punishment for a crime is about as sensible as electing a domestic battering, "family-first-just-don't-look-at-mine" ex-First Lady to the Senate. Damn, we DID that? Ouch, Anyways .

And, how about a little DNA evidence? I mean PROSECUTERS (here in the US) can get one more easily than Andrea Dworkin can get a tongue bath from her live in facial sponge buddy. But, when the prosecuter thinks it will hurt the case it's: "not considered essential for the case". If the accused can't afford it or his assets are frozen, men like William Hetherington go to JAIL to hang out with Bubba ( AKA the butt plumber). Not to make light of Will Hetherington, exactly the opposite. Will or any other man being raped in prison is a poisonous taboo for the "we want tougher anti-rape law" crowd. And, rare or not, you won't see the topic of Lesbian-on-lesbian rape/domenstic violence even brought up. Nope, just keep sending men (and ONLY men) to prison, guilty or not, to send a "message". Most dick-cutters think prison is "going away" (and with "cultural sensitivity" the Holocaust is "ethnic cleansing" ... ok, silly me, now I get it) Kinda like DDT just "went away" until we have to buy bottled water because DDT, like false-accusers, have poisoned the well.

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