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Inaction By You Causes Pain For Others
August 19, 2003
by George Rolph

Male victims of domestic violence attacks are still not being taken seriously by government and other agencies in the UK and many other western countries. I am tired of playing the numbers game with government officials who simply do all they can to avoid facing up to the truth of this issue. It seems that there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.

I am also tired of endless dialogue with the same deaf officials because I know, for every week that passes, more men, brought to the end of their patience and endurance, will either kill their partners or themselves. How is this good for women? Perhaps it is what those same government officials want to happen for their own narrow political objectives? Who knows? The mind of the average politician seems to be a dark cavern of half truths, distortions and power crazy psychosis to the ordinary person in the street. Many of them are lawyers so you have to wonder if they have a vested interest in stoking up fears over the issue of domestic violence. For too many lawyers, the domestic violence industry and the huge injustice of the family courts provides a pot of gold for their greedy and morally bankrupt little minds.

Below is an exact transcript from a recent telephone call to man2man, my support service for male victims of domestic violence. I listen to heart breaking stories like this hundreds of times a year. I do what I can to offer them advice and the support they need. Where I can I will intervene and demand to know what local authorities are doing to help men like these. Often, the depressing truth is that I get the party line spin and I know that virtually nothing will be done. Those who do promise action usually do the minimum they can get away with. Yet, if this man cracks up and kills or injures his wife those same people will line up and condemn him in the press.



This is [victims name] here. Latest news is that my wife, um, attacked me again last night with a [unclear]-- knife. She, er, tried to cut my throat and she gave me about 25/30 other very clear cuts. I had to go to hospital and have been released from that...

I find out that [wife's name], although she was arrested, was taken to a police cell and was given eight hours sleep and then let go, even though she has issued death threats to return and kill me next time...

This seems very wrong and I would like, if you could, to ring the police station and ask what is going on. The person dealing it is PC [Police officers name]. The telephone number being [telephone number of police station] and the crime number [reported crime number]. If you could make that call.., just make it one call to prove I have got somebody on my side somewhere in the world, I would be really grateful and it might cause things to get moving a bit more.

Thank you.


That man's wife is a doctor!

How much longer do we have to watch these crazy events unfold before a single politician finds the guts and compassion to stand up and say enough is enough? How do they live with themselves? Why do they not question the statistics that the government and organisations like Women's Aid constantly pump out? Statistics that are blatantly false or inaccurate. How do these people sleep at night knowing that every day the blood of men and sometimes children also drips from their cowardly hands?

What about you?

Are you doing all you can to help these guys? Are you writing e-mail's or letters to your political representatives demanding to know why they are not supporting these men? Perhaps you think you do have the time to help. After all, you are going out tonight. Maybe you think that someone else will do it. Well, here is the truth: If you don't act these men will remain in pain. Forced to live with their abusive spouse if they have children, because they have no where to take them. If they do take them away from the home they will probably see a judge in the family court hand them straight back to the abusive women. So, what can you find time to do? How can you not act in support of these men? If you are a man, how can you turn your back on your fellow man? If you are a mother or sister, how can you close your eyes? It may be your son next!

If we go on tolerating these incredible injustices we will tolerate anything. Help us to help these men. Fight back and do it now.

George Rolph is webmaster of Man2Man

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