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Hate Speech in Trendy Places
July 29, 2003
by David A. White

A short time ago I was sitting in the corner of one of those cafes now found across the urban landscape. You know the type of place I'm talking about. You earn points by denouncing Starbucks, while consuming goods of a higher moral order.

Yuppies on the make mingle with dogma-spouting leftists, and libertarians hand off the soy milk to dreadlocked vegan anarchists.

On this particular morning, I was enjoying my fair-trade cup of coffee when I overheard a couple of young ladies at the table next to me carrying on a conversation about "white trash." They were not exactly shouting, but they certainly weren't trying to conceal their opinions either, so I took up Morris Dees's admonition to confront hate speech wherever one finds it, and decided to ask them what exactly the term "white trash" meant.

Both gave me the look that French peasants must have known when they addressed the aristocracy, for they now appeared like they had been weaning on a sour pickle for the last hour. Still, they obliged in answering my question when they realized I was serious. What came out of their mouths were words to the effect that "white trash" referred to those white individuals who were stupid, unsophisticated, ignorant, poor, and perhaps unworldly.

I told them that I thought that that was a fair description, and just as they were turning away from me, I asked them if they knew or thought there might exist any black, Latino, Asian or Native American individuals who might embody the adjectives of stupid, unsophisticated, ignorant, poor or unworldly.

That smug look of conceit so often seen on the faces of the enlightened formed on theirs as they exhaled an exasperated sigh and responded in the affirmative.

"Interesting," I said. "Do you ever refer to them as black trash, Latino trash, Asian trash, Native American trash, or an equally derogatory term?"

By now their smugness had been replaced by hostility, as one of them replied, "No, we wouldn't even think of talking about those people in such a way."

I thanked them for their honesty, went back to my coffee and the latest edition of the local "alternative" newspaper. However, I couldn't forget the inherent perversity of the conversation I had just had.

In a society where pride and even chauvinism is actively encouraged in many nonwhite communities, the idea of someone challenging the anti-white hate speech I had just heard must have seemed strange indeed.

In a world where female circumcision is being imported to France, honor killings are now taking place in Scandinavia, witches are still being burned in sub-Saharan Africa, and women are not allowed to drive a car -- much less vote -- in much of the Islamic world, these women saw fit to denigrate poor whites probably one paycheck away from living on the street. Pretty enlightened.

Yet these bright and probably otherwise decent young ladies were not raised in a vacuum. They are in fact the products of a cultural and political environment that actively promotes white self-loathing.

In all likelihood, from an early age they were treated to guilt-inducing stories of Martin Luther King and Selma, Alabama; Malcolm X and Rosa Parks.

Because of media self-censorship, when they see a public service announcement regarding domestic violence, they see a white male abuser. When a home-security-system manufacturer advertises on television, you can be sure that the burglar or home invader is white.

Further, if they work for a large corporation or government agency, it is a safe bet that they attended diversity seminars and multi-cultural workshops, where the posters on the wall will serve up such contradictory dogma as "Let's Celebrate Our Differences" and "We're all the Same."

Should they have attended college, they will have passed through an academic environment largely dedicated to the deconstruction of Western Civilization and the denigration of whites. The sociology department will offer polemics regarding the evils of privileged white male, heterosexist, patriarchal, racist, non-transgendered, neo-colonialist imperialism and oppression.

Consequently, it is completely understandable that we now live in a world where it is acceptable -- even fashionable -- to describe a whole group of human beings as "trash" and expect no challenge from any quarter, while viewing as abominable any identical sentiments applied to nonwhites.

Pavlov had his bells and lights; the current establishment shapes perceptions from within the ivory towers. Thus, while two of the cornerstones of critical thinking are the questioning of basic assumptions and the rejection of ideological dogma, it is considered dubious -- even suspect -- to question these tendencies when applied towards whites.

In the cultural conflicts taking place in the West today, those who would destroy a civilization must first denigrate it. This is one of the broadest lessons of history. If readers believe this view tends toward hyperbole, imagine the popular or individual reaction if the maligned group were "black trash."

It should come as no surprise then that as the fires of cultural entitlement and racial resentment continue to be skillfully stoked by moral exhibitionists within the academic and media establishment, the voices of anti-white hatred will only grow stronger.

Those indoctrinated ladies -- whether they knew it or not -- were among the first casualties of a conflict well under way.

David A. White is an independent writer living in Montpelier, Vermont. He welcomes your comments at xlt486@yahoo.com

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