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Kobe's Number Called, Learns:
No Man Is Safe in Western Civilized Nations

July 29, 2003
by Ed Ward, MD

On July 1, 2003 Kobe Bryant learned about the current draconian laws that can be applied, at a minimum, anytime a man does not have video and audio surveillance of a one on one encounter with a female. Bryant called for room service sometime after 10 p.m. and was told it was not available. After the wanna-be starlet's shift was over at 11 p.m., she "decided to go up to his room". First hand accounts place her in the room for 20 minutes to 2 hours. When hotel staff went to the room to investigate a noise complaint, she left the room. The assault allegation did not come until the next day. There are reports that police had been called to the accuser's home during the last year and reports of "emotional upheavals" leading to a physician's care. These appear to be the only corroborated facts. Now, Kobe has to try and prove he is innocent of assault or even rape. For the burden of proof is now on the innocent proving innocence, rather than, the state proving guilt.

In the current hysteria over assault on women, assault/rape can be measured in seconds or not clearly stating "yes". Even a signed statement of consent is assault/rape. If a female partner has been drinking, it is assault/rape. The claim needs no proof other than the accusers statement of assault/rape and intercourse. The reasons for the accusation are innumerous and can happen at anytime to any male. Do you have documentation proving your innocence right now? Do you have documentation proving your innocence for 5 years ago? If you are old enough, like the Governor-General of Australia, do you have documentation proving your innocence from 35 years ago?

Assault/rape has been alleged by an employee when she was angry at hotel guests. Another female was embarrassed over consensual sex. A Rico conspiracy just needed some cash. One female of the Tailhook scandal didn't want her fiance to find out about her sexual indiscretions. A female found the sexual assault charge would be fine when she was criticized for her work performance. Others find the assault/rape accusation better on the third try. The most influential assault/rape lie was used to obtain an abortion and garner sympathy for the cause of Roe vs. Wade. NOW built their political base and power on lying propaganda. The scheme is perpetuated even NOW. One retrospective study revealed a 41% false accusation rate as admitted by the accuser. But, by far, the most frequent false assault allegations occur in divorces, where an attorney might even be guilty of malpractice if he does not inform his client of the huge potential benefit of claiming an unsubstantiated assault charge. Estimates of the restraining orders for assault are in the range of 1.7 million instances a year in the US. In 2000, in Massachusetts alone, 24,000 of the 36,000 restraining orders issued were not even for the claim of abuse, but, the mere unsubstantiated claim of "fear of abuse". These unsubstantiated claims of assault will not only make you have to prove your innocence. They will cost you your home, children, future finances, firearms, freedom, job and quite possibly your life.

In the UK, assault/rape was alleged for a book deal. In Wales, a female stalker alleged assault/rape on another athlete. A Canadian alderman, while visiting in Montana, alleged assault/rape as cover for a "road trip". In Scotland, an autobiographer claimed rape/assault to spice up her book. In Australia, the Governor-General was accused in a civil suit of an assault/rape that supposedly happened in either 1965 or 1966. No western civilized nation provides a safe haven for male persecution.

No matter the outcome, this incident will be added to the climbing assault statistics attributed to "improved reporting". Whether, true or false, the accusations are counted as proof of the need for less Constitutional rights for men. Even if proven innocent after defamation, legal expenses, personal trauma or complete destruction. There is very little and usually no recourse to the false accuser. In fact, in false accusations of domestic violence, assault, rape and child neglect, there are laws that protect the false accuser from any legal recourse.

Just one of the nails in the coffin has Kobe Bryant's name on it. But, the name on the headstone is "Men". Your number, like Kobe's, has been cued into the system. The only question that remains to be answered is, "Are you the next number to be called?".

This article originally appeared on Men's News Daily. Other articles by the author: Men's Health: As Interpreted by Our Government?, The U.S. Constitution: Partially Revived on June 25, 2003 also covered by the Sierra Times, It's Almost Official; Abuse U.S. Courts for Power and Profit and The Media Continues to Hide Family Court's Constitutional Abuses and the Resulting Suicides; First Official U.S. Oligarchy: Judiciary Openly Joins Elected Officials to Seize Nevada; 8 Years of DV Intervention: 100 Years of Denial of Father's Rights.

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