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Sacks Blasts Those Harassing Kobe's Accuser
July 29, 2003

Men's and fathers' issues radio talk-show host Glenn Sacks blasted those threatening and harassing the alleged victim in the Kobe Bryant rape case, calling them "demented animals" on his Los Angeles talk show His Side with Glenn Sacks. The entire statement, which Sacks read on his Sunday, July 27 show on KRLA AM 870, is below:

"Many people have written to me asking me my opinion of the Kobe Bryant case, and before we get into today's topic I'd like to spend a minute on this subject. It is an established fact that many accusations of rape are false. It is perfectly true, as many are saying, that the charges against Kobe Bryant could well be fabrications born of greed or vengeance, and it's quite possible that the DA is pursuing the case simply because of political pressure, or because he wants to make a name and a career for himself.

Recently nationally syndicated radio talk show host Tom Leykis drew a lot of criticism for naming the alleged victim on his radio show. I see nothing wrong with that--Kobe Bryant is presumed innocent and as of now both he and his accuser are of equal stature before the law. If this does turn out to be a false accusation, I believe that his accuser should be prosecuted and jailed for what she has done.

HOWEVER, it is certainly possible that the accuser is telling the truth. Despite this, according to the New York Post , the alleged victim has received numerous death threats after her name, home address, phone number and e-mail address were posted on the Internet. I condemn this in the strongest terms.

I doubt if any of the demented animals who are making these cowardly death threats against the alleged victim are smart enough to be His Side listeners, but if you are all I can say is this--your behavior is despicable, I don't want you as a listener, I don't want you as a reader, and I don't want you as part of the men's and fathers' movement. Turn off your radio and go crawl back into your caves where you belong."

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