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From the Forum: I believe Juanita Broaddrick
June 17, 2003

I believe Juanita Broaddrick.

I always have found her story credible. But then I look a Clinton whole lot different from most people. He does not come off to me as a man secure in his masculinity.

The time of the rape incident is significant. A few months earlier

Hillary, was getting anxious about her inability to conceive after 4 years of marriage. According to her book, It Takes a Village She was considering consulting a fertility doctor.

It was at this time that Clinton thoughtlessly supposedly left the credit card receipt out on the table for Hillary to find that showed he had paid for Gennifer Flower's abortion in Texas.

A few weeks after that is when Juanita claims Clinton raped her. As he was leaving he stopped at the door and said what to Broadderick as the strangest parting words. He told her not to worry about getting pregnant because he was sterile from mumps as a child.

What no one else seems to have put together is, if he thought he was sterile why did he pay for Flower's abortion with no object, and furthermore leave the receipt out where his wife could find it?

About 6 months after the Broadderick rape is when the Clintons went on a vacation and Hillary conceived Chelsea. Hillary says in her book that she jokes to Clinton that if they had gone on more vacations they would have had more children.

Flowers on the other hand says in her book, that she was "surprised" when she heard that Hillary was pregnant, because Flower says Clinton told her also that he was sterile because of mumps.

Now I am wondering, if Flowers really truely believed that Clinton had fathered the child she aborted why was she surprised that Hillary got pregnant? If Flowers truly believed that Clinton was in fact sterile then why is she so certain he was the father of her child? The only way it makes sense to me is this. Flowers is a dishonest, using, bimbo who got pregnant by someone else. Told Clinton he was the father to get money out of him. Without batting an eyelash Clinton jumped at the chance to provide a paper trail suggested he had father a child.

Now still even if Clinton believed he was sterile how would that incline him toward paying for an abortion he did not think he could have caused or lead him commit rape? Elementary my dear Watson.

Bill had been "faking" it. He knows neither Hillary, Flowers nor Broadderick was likely to get pregnant from him because he knows he did not "perform". Or more to the point, all he did was "perform". It was an act, a performance. He got it up but couldn't get it off. Terrified that sooner or later Hillary would suspect, that colleagues would suspect, that the world would suspect his problemhe over compendated, tried too hard to look the opposite of what he felt, i.e. masculine.

This also explains his bizarre behavior with Paula Jones. The person Clinton was trying to impress wasn't Paula at all by his state trooper bodyguards, who really were masculine. Bill joked around crudely with the trooper to prove he was one of the boys. He sent the trooper down to proposition Paula instead of doing it himself like any self respecting Kennedy would. When he got her to the hotel room he made a "failed" pass. Now here is a guy nicknamed Slick Willy for ability to be all things to all people. And he can't get a girl successful in bed? Nah, maybe, just maybe Clinton was very successful, that is in his real goal. He made a pass so crude that it was certain to insult any woman and Paula walked out. But because it was sexual no one would suspect that he was the one who was afraid to go through with it. He was making certain that he would be spared the sexual contact with a woman, yet in a way that it looked like she had done the refusing not him.

It was all an act, for the benefit of the state troopers.

This is a man who supposedly had an "affair" with an intern without ever managing to have coitus. If you recall all that took place was oral sex and phone sex. A cigar took the place of his member in Lewinsky. Now correct me if I am wrong, but in my experience heterosexual men are rather eager to to put "themselves" there instead of their cigars. In fact its sort of the prime directive for straight guys.

Yet poor old Bill manages to carry on a months long "affair" without actually "getting it on", he flubs a pass at Paula again failing to "get it on", tells his mistress and a woman he hostily rapes that he is sterile, and if one reads the subtext avoids sex with his wife until he takes a break from work to go on vacation. For a womanizer this guy sure get less of "it" then his noise about it would suggest.

That is typical of a guy who is not ejaculating during coitus and trying to lie about it. They may be many reasons a guy would do that, but the one I am most familiar with hit me like a conk on the head during the Lewinsky investigation a supporter was trying to get signitures to a petition saying it was nobody's business what Clinton's sex life was. He was very strident about the issue, too emotional for just your run of the mill democrat. Then I recognized it. The signiture gathered was as familiar as my own brothers. Why is a obviously gay guy so worked up about a heterosexual getting his sex life exposed? They make fun of those sorts of things on Saturday night live all the time....Ah but what if the signiture gatherer spotted what I spotted in Clinton, the classic avoidance behavior and lies of a closet homosexual, who marries for appearances sake.

Take a look at everything Clinton says and suppose it is a lie. Not really a hard stretch for Pinocchio boy is it? But suppose it is not just politics and the American people he lies to, liars are rarely dishonest in one sphere of their lives and honest in another. Suppose he lies to Hillary as well. Suppose he lies to Flowers, to Jones, to Broadderick. He lies to everyone.

Now take everything he has ever said about Hillary and assume he lies about her to us as well. Take what he says about Hillary and apply it to Bill himself. It then becomes Bill married Hillary to further his political career. Not because she had political clout but because as his political consultant relates in an interview the consultant told him getting married would improve his image with the voters.

Flowers says Bill made disparaging remarks about Hillary and said she was gay. But photos of Hillary have shown her giving him adoring looks when he pays her the slightest compliment, she seems almost embarassingly starved for affection from him. That's not the look of a gay woman but a straight woman....unknowningly married to a closet homosexual man like 2 million other women in this country.

Originally posted on the ifeminists.com discussion forum, June 11, 2003.

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